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Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan Travel to Tajikistan

Tajikistan Hotels

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List of Tajikistan hotels can be found in You can book any hotel in Tajikistan. Soon booking online will be available in

Tajikistan Visa

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Tajik Visa can be obtained at the airport if you have Letter of Invitation provided by Tajikistan Travel Company or in Tajik Embassies Abroad before your visit.

Letter of Invitation

Tajikistan Letter of Invitation

Tajikistan Letter of Invitation can be provided by any authorized Tajikistan Travel Company who has Tajikistan Tourism Licence.

Pamir Permit

Pamir Permit

Pamir is called The Roof of the world. In order to travel to Pamir every tourist needs to obtain Pamir Permit in Dushanbe or in Tajik Embassies.

Travel to Tajikistan

Tajikistan is wonderful country for tourism with its historical sites and hospitable people. Tajikistan is famous from ancient times with its high mountains, rivers, monuments and beautiful landscapes. It lies in Great Silk Road, it is in Central Asia and favorite place for tourists.

Tajikistan is indeed a very exciting and peaceful country. The peaceful time you will spend, surrounded by rich nature, culture and history. "Travel to Tajikistan" provides an individual tour for each client depending on his/her interests. Such as eco-tourism, hunting, sport-tour, trekking, biking, historical tours. Make your visit to Tajikistan unforgettable and very special one. Now it’s your turn to come and visit Tajikistan!

"Travel to Tajikistan" is one of the leading travel company specializing in arranging tours in Tajikistan, Tajikistan visas, Tajikistan Letter of Invitation, Pamir PermitTajikistan hotels and advisory services in Tajikistan. Our aim is to meet and understand the client needs by providing tailor made services at highest quality.  Our activities are built on the high competence and dedication of our team members.

Travel to Tajikistan focuses on new technologies, in particular, the Internet, to let the rest of the world know about Tajikistan. A beautiful mix of spectacular historical monuments, peculiar traditions, lifestyles of indigenous people and the gorgeous natural settings offers you a nice opportunity to pick whatever might be suitable for you. One of the most interesting place to travel is Pamir, which is called The roof of the World. Pamir is known all over the world with its high mountains and mountainous lakes such as Sarez and Bulunkul. Hunters from all over the world come to Pamir for Marco Polo and Ibex hunting.

We are also keen to dispel the myth that travelling is expensive in this part of the world. It can be quite inexpensive if you choose the effective Tajikistan Travel Company which is based in Tajikistan. Due to reduced internal costs, high professionalism of the staff, effective arrangements with local partners and the general client-friendly approach, we are able to make very competitive offers in terms of price and service. Our strategy is that we regard people as the center of our business. We seek to establish long-term and reciprocally beneficial relations with each and every our client.

We offer for our tourists tours to Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Pamir, Khujand and to other cities of Tajikistan.

If you are searching a tour to Tajikistan and want to travel to Tajikistan?!  You don’t know any Tajikistan Travel Company and which is best for you for realizing your trip to Tajikistan?! We offer you a specter of our services, starting from organizing an individual tours to Tajikistan, meeting tourists at the airport or border, hotel accommodation and seeing off the tourists.

What do we offer to our tourists?

  • Organize tours in Tajikistan;
  • Booking hotels in Tajikistan;
  • Airport Transfer in Dushanbe and Khujand;
  • Hiring translator or guides;
  • Organizing transportation;
  • Tajikistan Invitation Letter;
  • Tajik Visa;
  • Pamir Permit;

In you can find a lot of information about historical sites of Tajikistan, Tajikistan Hotels, restaurants(cafe, night clubs) in Dushanbe, museums of Tajikistan, theaters of Tajikistan, cities of Tajikistan, Tajikistan photos and many more about Tajikistan. Information in is up to date and being added more day by day. wants to provide you all information about Tajikistan before you visit Tajikistan. Hope you find helpful information in If you need more information about Tajikistan please write us by clicking here.


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